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2017 - 07 - 25
Singlang Customer CareAt Singlang we take pride in carrying out the fundamentals of business in a thoroughly professional and praiseworthy manner. Along with quality product, competitive pricing and excellent delivery, we offer the best in customer service. Indeed we feel that our team of customer service professionals is one of our greatest strengths.Each of our customer service personnel goes through a rigorous training program; a training program that is, as thorough in content, as it is in attention to detail. Almost as important, our customer service staff are supported by the latest in management systems and sophisticated programming.We are in the business of satisfying our customer. From providing general information, through order entry, in providing order updates, right down to po...
2016 - 07 - 08
What's the capacity of the battery?A: The capacity of the VRLA battery means that when the battery is full charged and discharge at some condition to the stated end voltage, the capacity is released out, the unit is Ah. For example, when the battery discharges at 1A current for 1 hour, that's the 1Ah capacity. If the battery discharges at 4A current for 3 hours to the end voltage, the released capacity is 12Ah. What is EPV (Cut-Off Voltage/End Point Voltage)?A:EPV is the battery end load voltage in the condition of discharge. Many kinds of standards rule EPV definitely in different discharge rates and temperatures. EPV is different according to different discharge rates: it is low when discharge in high current, contrarily, it is high when discharge in low current. What is the se...
2016 - 07 - 08
What is a Lead-Acid Battery?VoltageVoltage is an electrical measure which describes the potential to do work. The higher the voltage the greater its risk to you and your health. Systems that use voltages below 50V are considered low-voltage and are not governed by an as strict (some might say arcane) set of rules as high-voltage systems.CurrentCurrent is a measure of how many electrons are flowing through a conductor. Current is usually measured in amperes (A). Current flow over time is defined as ampere-hours (a.k.a. amp-hours or Ah), a product of the average current and the amount of time it flowed.PowerPower is the product of voltage and current and is measured in Watts. Power over time is usually defined in Watt-hours (Wh), the product of the average number of watts and time. Your ener...
2016 - 07 - 08
USE EXPONENT Product FeaturesThis Product is designed and manufactured according to GB/T19638.1-2005 and GB/T19638.2-2005. It can be used with proper installation, no water is needed. This products owns no-leakage, low resistance, anti-vibration, anti-over-discharged, high recovery, low discharging rate, long service life and other features.1) Please read this manual carefully before using to ensure correct installation and usage, otherwise users bear all the risks;2) This manual must be delivered to customers.Unpacking and InspectionThe following contents should be inspected upon unpacking1. There must be a copy of “USE EXPONENT” and “QUALIFYING CERTIFICATES”.2. Inspection for cracking in outside casing and acid leaking3. Terminal Voltage of single battery...
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